Model Train Builder is the Illustrated step by step guide to a great layout

Model Train Builder is the illustrated guide to building a great model railroad. Imagine building a miniature world with colorful and realistic trains rolling through hills and valleys that you have created. Maybe they are long freights pulled by powerful steam locomotives. Then again, maybe they are sleek Streamliners racing to meet a tight schedule. You hear the staccato chuff or diesel whine as the locos labor up grades and then the squeal of brakes as they slow to a stop... The final “all aboard!” is heard as the locomotive bell starts to ring and the express begins to pull slowly out of the station. You are there, controlling the action and completely engrossed in the operation.

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Maybe there are no hills, no sounds, not even a station.With Model Train Builder, all things as described above are possible, but perhaps you just want a flat table with a lot of track where you operate model trains and you are not interested in scenery. That’s the joy of the hobby. The greatest layout in the world will be the one that you build for your own enjoyment.

I have been a model railroader for over 50 years. At the present time I am constructing my 7th layout. Starting with the first, an oval of track mounted to a 4’x8’ sheet of plywood up to my present 30’x15’ empire, I have enjoyed every minute spent on this great hobby. Along the way I have learned a lot-mostly by making mistakes and then having to correct them. It is my intention to share my experiences in Model Train Builder as well as soliciting articles, tips and comments from others. Model railroaders are the most willing-to-share people that I have ever met. If you are new to the hobby I hope you will find much useful information here. If you are experienced please consider adding to the content of the Model Train Builder website.

We are going to work through all of the steps in building a great model train layout. Benchwork, track, wiring, scenery, and structures as well as other items will be covered in detail. Starting with a simple tabletop we will progress to a large open grid layout with a lot of discussion about different methods of construction and a few pitfalls to avoid. There will also be sections dealing with scratchbuilding, kitbashing, digital command control, and special effects.

I hope you enjoy this site. I welcome all comments and suggestions and will reply to any questions as soon as possible. My fondest wish is that you will enjoy this fantastic pastime as much as I have.